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a wandering vapour threads a thought... type your script here... and i wonder how much script you can actually fit in here. if it is enough to explain how to format you writing... or an entire example... looks like there is little to no limit to what you can type in here. many stories haven't even been told. how come we don't see more inspiring and positive messages in films movies and tv? Probably because there are a lack of writers with moral values. Just because they think something will sell because it is dark, doesn't mean all entertainment should be cast in the shaddows! Follow the LIGHT. Do what's RIGHT. So... what are YOU waiting for... just WRITE!!! You can even add paragraph text here too. This is amazing for an example and then people will be inspired to create content that can be read and translated to stage and screen. If you wan illustrations, you can insert a caption with (( double parentheses )) describing what you want the image to look like. What scene, how it is arranged. Seeatypeoo <-- and a red line will underline it. Right click over the word for the correct spelling, click on the right word and it will auto correct on this page. Did you know that the average screenplay sells for $100,000 USD.... Now THATS a lot of CHEESE. You can even spacegap Ten spaces is good for Twenty looks like this, good dialogue on screenplays between Characters. Wow... This is going to be great. I know the world will love.

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